Our measures


Our measures


  • All team members have been trained in enhanced hygiene, both within personal hygiene and new cleaning routines.   
  • Public areas, doorknobs, toilets and other touch-points are being cleaned more frequently.


Public areas    

  • When guests enter, we remind them to disinfect their hands at our disinfection post. 
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting public spaces. 

The ‘green pass’ or COVID certificate 

From 6 November onwards, access to all catering establishments is only possible with a COVID Certificate or ‘green pass’ for everyone aged 13 and over. This applies inside and outside, with or without a fixed seat. From the age of 14, the use of the COVID Certificate must be verified in combination with an identity card. The compulsory closing time between 17.00 and 05.00 hours applies in all catering establishments. 

What does this mean for my stay at Beachhouse Hotel?  

With a COVID certificate: 
- You can have breakfast in our breakfast room at specific time slots
- Use our common areas while keeping 1,5m distance from others
(incl. toilets) (lobby only open until 17.00)
- Sit on our terrace with take-away food while keeping 1,5m distance from others


Without a COVID certificate: 
- You have your breakfast in your room
- Use your own room to eat and drink
- No use of the common areas (only for take-away, while wearing a face mask)